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Our scale of services

HIC Capital Group's team focuses their efforts on a few key service fields for startups and companies
We provide tax, financial, legal and other types of consulting
Analysing market prospects for concrete startups, exporting and localizing, adapting to new market criteria and tracking on new markets
We estimate and pack projects, local Due Diligence, financial modeling, etc.

HIC Capital Group's startups in numbers
18 projects
Our team is currently working with 18 startups in India, CIS, Singapore, Finland and UAE
5+ spheres
We work with MedTech, FinTech, EdTech, AgroTech, SportsTech and other high-tech startups
50+ pitch sessions
From November 2020 out HIC team has hosted more than 40 pitch sessions in different formats including Startup Huddle
30+ experts
More than 30 permanent experts in HIC team and mutual projects partners
We are trusted
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