Foreign Funding Facility

Innovative format for investing and bringing projects to foreign markets
by HIC Capital Group
Do you really need a foreign market?
And do markets abroad need you?
Foreign Funding Facility (FFF) is developed by HIC Capital Group and our foreign partners ecosystem to bridge the gap between the VC and export financing. We are ready to propose FFF as an interface to promote the expansion of startups to the global market, and to help the investors to reduce risks and increase the capitalisation. The main feature of FFF is the professional approach to the new markets-entry. We believe that the combination of a deeper kind of selectivity and of the professional estimate and calculation can help investors, founders and local market providers to win synergistically.
If you look at the startups at the expansion stage – most of them have failed... They have failed either because their technical solution was okay but just not for the chosen market, or – if they just ran out of money or implementation sources – because they miscalculated the reality.
The finish line is usually a lot further away than you think, and – even if closer – it can be in a totally different direction.
Andrei Misiura, Managing partner (International) HIC Capital Group, Head of Eurasian office of MSME CCII
FFF: For Whom?
We are ready to propose this interface to:
  • Startups
    We are creating an international startup traction using the capabilities of the extensive country expertise of the HIC Capital Group ecosystem and a non-trivial approach to global expansion.
  • Strategic Investors
    We create special funding capabilities for strategic investors, funds and corporations helping to reduce the level of risks and maximize the return on investment (ROI).
  • Angel Investors
    Angels and syndicates get access to a wide selection of pre-selected projects with higher chances of success at the early stages.
    We prefer to involve angels at the post-localisation stage but we can consider your interest.
  • 1
    Money that are funded with the help of HIC FFF are received only by those projects that have market fit and high demand on the target market
  • 2
    The standard export cycle lasts about one and a half to three years. The format of our structure allows us to reduce it to an average of one-two years with a proper calculation of a necessary funding
  • 3
    Entering complex markets without money and proper country expertise in the vast majority of cases lead to failures. Our professional approach and long-term foreign practice allow us to achieve the maximum result minimising the effort
  • 4
    VCs are investing "into the export round" which is moved by professional facilitators
How FFF works
Fill out an application and provide us with the necessary information about your company. The template can be downloaded below.
Be Selected
Our team examine the documents and create a shortlist of the most suitable projects for global expansion. This can be a long process - we check a number of markets.
Be Market-Fit
We check results of our research with the local experts and our market-providers. At this stage an additional round of talks/consultations with the local experts can be required.
Have a Round
Selected projects will be promoted for funding. To be precise, they can have their expansions funded.
Be aware: the founders should not touch the round money - they will take the markets. Together with us and our expertise.
Are you really ready to expand abroad?
Or you just think so? Let's check.
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