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Indian 2-Wheeler Electric Vehicle

New age electric vehicle 2-wheelers from 10M+ city of India
Capable to produce 300+ vehicles/day

2WEV is the new age electric vehicle in the category of two wheelers developed and produced in 10M+ Indian city in Maharashtra State. Company is a fast evolving and expanding startup. Their assembly line is capable of rolling out 300+ vehicles (2W scooters & cargo) per day. Production line is also located in Maharashtra.
Presently 2WEV have scooters, 2-wheeler cargo in steadily expanding portfolio to cover a diverse range of users from college / tuition- going children, the gentlemen and ladies running home errands, to men and women commuting to work to the requirements of a low / high-speed trendy, fashionable scooters. The team's aim is to provide technology to every range of vehicle for all age group.

They also have a plan to develop suitable motorcycles to mitigate Indian common man requirements.
The Company has been producing its vehicles/bikes since 2021 at its state-of-art manufacturing facility in Maharashtra, India. The built up area is 80,000 sq. ft. (Approx. 2 acres). Total installed capacity is 300 bikes per day.

Every 2WEV manufactured undergoes 14 stringent quality checks and 2 Level PDI ensuring that every bike delivered to our customers are completely checked for build, finish, and quality.
To become one of India's top electric vehicle brands and establish our presence on the global EV map.
To manufacture and deliver top-quality e-scooters to customers across the country and set the benchmark in style, innovation & design
Startup is testing & incorporating a majority of Indian components reaching "Make in India". 2WEV has gained exclusive designs & patents – exclusive rights for Indian market. All the vehicles can be easily charged at home which makes them the best choice among the consumers. The demand for Electric Scooters is going to rise tremendously as the Government is pushing its Policies favoring the Environment.
All 2-Wheeler Electirc Vehicles are designed for maximum Life Cycle Proposition.
  • The Govt. of India is strongly pushing the transition from Petrol Vehicles to EV
  • India has 370 million 2-wheelers which are the largest in the world. Each year 30-40 million two- wheelers are sold in India
  • Govt. of India has banned the sale of petrol 2-wheelers below 200cc from March 2025, which constitutes 80% of 2-wheelers sold in India
  • The cost of running an Electric Vehicle is 20 paisa per km as compared to petrol vehicles
  • As per Govt. of India data, India will save 17,000 crore by selling Electric vehicles by 2025
  • By 2030, India aspires to achieve 100% EV-sales
Look at the 2-Wheeler models!
Government of India is proposing to ban all the IC engine powered two-wheelers in India starting 2025
The next 5 years will see a tremendous shift in the Automotive Industry. EVs has all positive factors for its resounding success
The shift to electric vehicles is coming faster and in a more pronounced way. By 2030, India aspires to achieve 100% Electric Vehicles on its roads
Join us in this journey!
Enter first-to-production-round of the unique Indian ESG-project!

Within 2 months we are closing the list in order to aggregate the round the round.
The offer can also expire earlier upon finalisation of the investment amount required.
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