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Register your business unit or holding company in Asia conveniently using HIC E-platform for online registration.
About the Service
HIC Capital Group offers a seamless all-digital experience that simplifies the process of setting up and handling regulatory, governance, tax, and accounting obligations for Singapore entities. Access all these services on a single, user-friendly digital platform.

All in one easy digital platform
Our online platform provides a range of services including online incorporation, corporate secretarial services, governance management, accounting, tax, and payroll services. We also offer registered address services, digital mailroom solutions, as well as assistance with visas and immigration.
Why incorporate in Singapore
  • Tax incentives that are appealing
    Singapore has been ranked as the world's second-best place to do business by the World Bank, thanks to its pro-business environment with low corporate and personal tax rates, tax reliefs, and an extensive network of double tax treaties
  • A geographically advantageous location
    Singapore, also known as the gateway to Southeast Asia, is a significant financial hub that offers various incentives and exemptions to new businesses looking to establish themselves in the region
  • Access to global talent
    With its status as a global hub, Singapore boasts a substantial pool of skilled professionals that can contribute to the growth of your business
Requirements to incorporate
a Private Limited Company
We can help you to incorporate, transfer and manage compliance
for PTE LTD entities
At least 1 Shareholder
A Private Limited Company in Singapore can have 100% foreign ownership, and can be owned by either individuals or corporate entities.
At least $1 Capital
A minimum paid-up capital of SGD $1
A Company Secretary
Manages regulatory compliance
A Local Resident Director
It is a legal requirement for a Private Limited Company in Singapore to have at least one director who is a Singapore resident
A Local Address
It is a legal requirement for a Private Limited Company in Singapore to have a local registered address. This is the official address of the company where all official correspondences and notices will be sent. The address can be a commercial or residential property, but it must be a physical location and not a PO Box
Why incorporate with HIC from overseas
Our global team works tirelessly every day to improve the lives of our clients and bring them happiness
  • 1
    Expert support
    Our team will ensure that you remain fully compliant with all regulations and requirements
  • 2
    Transparent pricing
    Our all-inclusive plan comes with no hidden surprises or additional charges
  • 3
    100% transparent
    You can register your business from the comfort of your own home
  • 4
    Fast & simple
    It takes only 30 minutes to complete your application
  • 5
    Our full-service offering provides end-to-end support for your business, positioning it for growth
Singapore Company Bank Account Opening
Due to travel restrictions caused by Covid-19, several banks are now providing the option for online corporate bank account openings. These include:
Why to incorporate in Singapore?
Attractive tax system allows for tax optimization
0% tax on dividends and capital gains
Access to a generous start up tax scheme for first 3 Financial Years
Access to leverage Singapore's 50+ double taxation treaties
Benefit from the small company audit exemption scheme
Singapore has a thriving investor, start-up, and venture capital community, making it easier for businesses to raise investment
All private limited companies in Singapore are allowed to have 100% foreign ownership
Singapore has straightforward regulations and rules for intellectual property rights, work visas for foreigners, licensing, and opening corporate bank accounts
Singapore boasts a quality workforce with 47% of the local workforce holding tertiary education qualifications. Most Singaporeans are effectively bilingual, with proficiency in English and either Mandarin, Malay, or Tamil.
Service Overview
  • Incorporation
    ● Checking and reserving company name
    ● Registration forms and filing with ACRA
    ● Constitution and compliance corporate kit
    ● Resolution to open a bank account
    ● Inclusive of all government fees
  • Corporate Secretary
    ● Secure and digital regulatory governance
    ● Digital Signature with World-class Security Certificate
    ● Comprehensive company secretary services
    ● Base pricing calculated on number of shareholders
  • Nominee Director
    ● Easy adherence to ACRA requirements
    ● Non-executive local director
    ● Trusted professional service
    ● Provision of S$2,000 deposit or take up of an accounting and tax plan
  • Digital Signature
    ● World-class security certificate
    ● Secure, efficient & safe
    ● Real time tracking
    ● Easy to use features & UX design
  • Address & Mailroom Service
    ● Prestigious CBD Singapore Address
    ● All mail scanned & shared digitally
  • Tax & Accounting
    ● Setup & Onboarding
    ● Monthly bookkeeping via Xero software
    ● All-inclusive tax filing preparations (ECI, Form C-S/C, UFS)
    ● Payroll services: play slip, Annual IR8A, CPF & SDL
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