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Providing services
HIC Capital Group team actively involves experts to provide client support. Our scale of services includes project mentoring, external board of directors, project packaging, Due Diligence, etc.
Startup Huddle, HIC BRanchO etc.
Our team organizes pitch sessions, private meetups, including Startup Huddle, gaining population GEN pitch sessions on a regular basis.
Offline / Online
HIC Capital Group in numbers
18 projects
Our team is currently working with 18 startups in India, CIS, Singapore, Finland and UAE
3+ spheres
We focus on MedTech, FinTech, EdTech and AgroTech startups
50+ events
From November 2020 our team has hosted more than 50 events in different formats: pitch and investment sessions, meetups, business-datings, etc.
30+ experts
More than 30 permanent experts in HIC's team and mutual projects partners
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Join our HIC expert team and participate in company's events and projects
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