Executive-Consulting: India & "East4West"
Features of work in India and Asia
By Head of Eurasian Office of MSME CCII (India) in EAEU, Managing Partner (International) HIC Capital Group

Who needs it?

For those who need to develop globally in a difficult international situation
  • Investors
    - How to effectively invest your own capital in the East?
    - How to become an investor in an Indian company?
    - How do Indians see business?
    - Which areas are open for investment?
    - How to withdraw money from (to) India?
  • Executives
    - How to set up (and is it possible?!) supply and economic relations of the company with India?
    - How to work effectively with counterparties and their limitations?
    - How to achieve mutual understanding and act competently in the context of intercultural business relations?
  • Startups
    - How do I find out if the project is suitable for the Indian market?
    - How to start a business in India?
    - How to find local partners and investors in the East?
    - How does the East work?
    - Why don't the partners get in touch?
About the expert
Andrei Misiura

  • Managing Partner (International) HIC Capital Group
  • Head of Eurasian Office (Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan) of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry MSME CCII
  • Ex-Diplomat
  • Independent business-consultant
Spheres: infrastructure, machinery, agriculture, MedTech, FinTech, defence, logistics-and-transportation, urban development, rural development, railways, greentech, aviation etc.
– From April to December 2021, he established relations with business partners (including investors) from more than 30 countries (India, Singapore, Luxembourg, Malta, Hong Kong, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Cameroon, etc.);
Business backgroud:
– He has experience in bringing complex joint projects with a production component to the Indian market, experience in working with cross-investment projects in several jurisdictions;
– Mr. Misiura is able to launch new formats and investment agreements with an international element with the support of local authorities (State Governments of India), including within the framework of the work of HIC Capital Group.
Procedure of work
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Expert consultation with elaborated answers to your questions, or a series of consultations within the framework of solving your problem
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from $3000
  • Special business delegations: work on the "ground": localization of production and start of business.
  • Negotiations with local business partners, government, investors, MoU signing and development of joint projects
By request
  • Tasks of a special nature that require individual solutions. Prices and conditions are negotiable in-private.

P.S. Kindly note the right of refusal to consult on a certain list of topics (bypassing the regulation, "how to fool the Indian partners" and other unethical requests, sanctions bypass tools etc.)
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The East is a delicate matter.
The cost of mistake is high...
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