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New age technological products for payments and card processing

Today, BCN company presents a set of fine-grained projects in 7 countries, established and driven by the idea of simplicity and convenience of payment, innovation and transparency schemes.

In contour of the group:
5 payment licenses

4 certified processing centres

«CN is one of the leaders in terms of market penetration into different segments. It supports merchants in every Internet segment from the first ideas to start trading or demonstrating services to all following steps to enter international arena. Today, BCN help clients to receive payments with the help of 5 product solutions for different types of businesses.

Target areas
  • C2C payments
    Settlements between people who offer each other services or goods. Let's call it p2p or escrow deals
  • B2C payments
    Settlements between companies and clients. Payment of insurance, marketing, gaming to individuals
  • C2B payments
    Loan repayments, bill payments, refilling of the internal balance of gaming resources such as dota2markets

All BCN group products comply with the PCI DSS Safety Standard. It describes the requirements of information security and applies to all organisations, processing, storing and transferring Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Discover, American Express payment card details.

The certification scheme of organisations according to the PCI DSS standard depends on the role in the payment process and the quantities of card data processing. BCN is being tested as rigorously as possible. It conducts a QSA-audit and complete automated ASV-scanning and multiple test penetration into the contour.
What BCN does?
BCN enters a new market either with the whole set of products or chooses a set of products relying on market / partner / client demands
    Helps you to create a website in 2 clicks. The service exports all essential data (logo, name, identification, products, prices, description) from your selling or marketing page in one of the social network you use (Facebook, Instagram) and builds a website with shopping cart, payment and conversation functionality
    Enables payment acceptance, transfers, tips and donations to self-employed people who produce and sell digital content, services and goods. BCN creates a product that easily covers all the needs of aspiring young businessmen, without requiring special knowledge from users. The company is not inventing a new payment method. These are pumped P2P transfers
  • PRODUCT 2 for Business
    It a standard solution for established business to collect payments via cards, wallets, cash or MNO balance. Unlike other BCN products here the company just does our favorite - payments
    It is an Individual, simple and understandable solution for accepting, organizing payments and conducting analytics in one solution for Banks or payment services providers.

    High level solution combining all BCN integrations, expertise and capacities for global merchants. All-in-one API and agreement enables multiple currencies, countries, means of payments as a turnkey service to merchants selling goods or providing services globally

Elementary start
Creation of a website is several clicks away with PRODUCT 1: product will be downloaded from popular social network (Facebook, Instagram)

Do not copy past!
All necessary data will be imported automatically (Logo, name, id and description)
PRODUCT 2 - transfers for humans
It helps to receive payments, transfers, tips, donates to self-employed who produce and sell electronic content, services and physical goods since 2019.

Functionality of the product that BCN creates entirely covers requirements of modern creative people and young. It also doesn't require any specific knowledge from the users. We do not create a new payment method. These are tuned P2P-transactions.
Forget about cash with PRODUCT 2. BCN clients can use NFC- accessories or PRODUCT2.Pay application to receive payment for everyday services, tips or tutor services. Payment can be made with any device where Apple Pay or Google Pay is installed.
BCN offers a stable working payment gateway, partnership with leading international banks, 24/7 technical support, customization of payment solutions and the possibility of complex software improvements for individual business needs.

Clients have access to entire range of solutions and products developed for credit institutions
Boutique solution for transnational clients
Network Payment System:
1 agreement - 1 integration - multiple methods
  • 1
    Multichannel solution: bank cards, MNO payments and e-wallets

  • 2
    Dynamic user experience: personified pages, after sale dialog forms
  • 3
    Payment page constructor, additional fields at your discretion
  • 4
    Interactive processing. Necessary filed sent to you before transaction final status
  • 5
    New currency or payment form language addition at the speed of sound
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