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HIC Capital Group — investment hub at the international level

We provide a wide scale of investment services, from consulting to exporting projects abroad and adapting them to new market environment

HIC Capital Group (HUB: Innovation & Consulting) is an investment hub engaged in bringing startups and companies to new complex markets, business development and integration into a complex global ecosystem in order to promote the development of the venture industry in the international space.

Our team provides a wide range of specialized services for industrials, startups and investors, including market strategies & penetration into global markets & capital raising.

Main activity areas: high-tech projects of MedTech, EdTech & FinTech spheres, as well as consumer solutions (innovative FMCG products), alternative energy (electronic transport, hydrogen technologies), ESG projects, railway production, AgroTech, medical equipment, biotechnology, robotics and automation (the main requirement is a technological component, demand in target markets and/or scalability).


Company's mission statement
Creating innovative future making for companies' fulfillment in global markets
Who do we work with?
We provide a scale of services for different venture industry member categories
About us: our interest field
HIC Capital Group focuses on the following activity areas:
20+ countries
We conduct business and localize projects in India, UK, UAE, Singapore, Finland, Slovenia, South Africa and other countries
5+ regions
We work with projects from EAEU, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and North America
300+ investors
We collaboratively work with 300+ private and institutional investors in venture capital sphere
12 months
We organize core events for startups and companies with our partners on a monthly basis
Our partners
We cooperate with industry-leading companies and institutions
HIC News
Key news and events from the life of the company
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